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Luvacta is when the fire burns in your heart and you decide to do something about your feeling for others less fortunate than you.

Step one.

Give us some screen time. Cutting off some of your spare time and let us share our stories with you.

Tell us or participate

Have your own story or action to share with the group. Take pictures tell us about your journey or some one else's journey who needs help and support in their luvacta mission.


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Luvacta is a non-profit organisation of like-minded people who gather to support people who are in poverty. We do not ask where your allegiances lie nor do we care what shade of green you are, simply do you want to help. How can we best facilitate your desire to reach out and make a difference?
Anyone can get involved. At no time during the ministry of Jesus Christ did he ever question or show preference to colour or creed when reaching out to the disadvantaged, poverty-stricken or sick.

Jesus in reaching out with His miraculous ability to heal or feed thousands, with nothing short of crumbs, did not look at someone’s colour or their religious convictions in deciding whether he would release His grace on them.  The Bible is an equaling command that holds us to account in our relationship with our fellow man. The first command underpins our relationship with God by our equal relationship with our fellow man.

Luvacta is an organisation that has been made up of people from different beliefs and backgrounds that step out to help the needy and truly display love in action. Donations have come from religious people of all faiths, and non-faiths, where the commonality and bond of physically stretching out a hand to help someone is the only thing that brings the group together. If you are hungry then we will feed you. The resources, money hands and feet, made available will be utilised to the benefit of all those that are within our reach.

The best way to get to us is to find a very quiet place, sit down and think about how many times other people changed your life by stretching out a helping hand and then consider doing the same for others. Bring love into action and buy forward through Luvacta. And you will have found your own luvacta.

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Pondering it for a moment it came to me that if Luvacta was not in the hearts of people it would not and cannot be found.

Queens Lodge, 4 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London UK, W1K 1QW, United Kingdom.

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