The British on more than one occasion during the second world war had favour from God. 

Looking back and knowing all the facts today gives more clarity as to the full extent of; 

The Miracle of Dunkirk

Above all, if Dunkirk had not been providently and divinely influenced by our most gracious Father, it is very likely the British army would have been dealt such a blow by Germany that they would not have been able to return and win the war in the end. At Dunkirk Britain faced almost the total annihilation of the British ground forces.

This book is worth a read; “The Trumpet Sounds for Britain” by David Gardner
The above article is extracted from a trilogy entitled ‘The Trumpet Sounds for Britain’ written by Rev. David E Gardner who went to be with the Lord in 2002
Just before the trilogy was republished. Whilst serving in the Royal Navy during WW2, an emergency in a submarine caused him to recognise the miraculous deliverance of God.
This circumstantial deliverance and natures participation in many ways anticipate and speak into our present condition. The Miracle of Dunkirk later helps to understand what God had done for the people of Britain as a whole, and many times in their history the provincial Hand of God graces this nation.
The trilogy which is available from the publishers chronicles the development and growth of Christianity in Britain from the earliest times. However, his ‘Trumpet’ writings are prophetic.
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